Jr. Race of Champions

2019 Junior Race of Champions
Saturday, March 16 through Sunday 17th March

2019 Preliminary Junior Races
                                          Saturday 23rd February 2019

      Tok Dog Mushers Association is pleased to announce preliminary junior races for the 2018/2019 season.
      The races will be held at Tok Dog Mushers Hall on Saturday 23rd February 2019. Participants can sign up from 10 am on the morning of the race.
       Places will be drawn at 11 am with the one dog race following shortly after. The two dog and four dog race will follow the one dog race
       There will be no six dog race in this preliminary event.  Participants aged 10 to 17 years of age are encouraged to participate in the four dog race.
        Please note membership is required to enter the race.  An individual junior musher membership is $5.00, alternatively,
a family can purchase a membership for $45.00.  Fees are payable on race day to Tok Dog Mushers Association
        Races will be rescheduled if the temperature at 8am is twenty below or colder on Wunderground Weather Turks on the Tundra weather station. 
        There will be limited concessions available throughout the day in the Tok Dog Mushers Hall.

The Junior Race of Champions hosts a 6 dog - 6 mile race, a 4 dog - 4 mile race, a 2 dog - 1 mile race, and a 1 dog - small loop for the younger kids. Age limits for the classes are as follows:

1 Dog              Ages 4-8
2 Dog             Ages 6-12
3 or 4 Dog       Ages 10-14
5 or 6 Dog       Ages 12-17