Jr. Race of Champions

2018 Junior Race of Champions
March 17-18th

2018 Preliminary Junior Races
Feb. 10th - canceled due to cold temperatures
Feb. 24th - see the results here
The preliminary junior races have a minimum temperature cutoff of -20 at 8 AM (according to Turks on the Tundra)

The Junior Race of Champions hosts a 6 dog - 6 mile race, a 4 dog - 4 mile race, a 2 dog - 1 mile race, and a 1 dog - small loop for the younger kids. Age limits for the classes are as follows:

1 Dog              Ages 4-8
2 Dog             Ages 6-12
3 or 4 Dog       Ages 10-14
5 or 6 Dog       Ages 12-17

There will be a spaghetti dinner at 6pm at the Musher's Hall in Tok on Friday March 16th, the musher sign-ups and drawing will take place at that time.  The races will start at 11am on Saturday and Sunday, March 17th-18th.